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Subject: eGov Workshop, May 1, Santa Clara, California

Dear Colleagues,
I write to invite you to participate in the OASIS eGovernment Workshop 
which will take place on May 1 2008  in Santa Clara, California, USA.

The Workshop will focus on Electronic Identity and Citizen-centric 
Administration.The Workshop programme can be viewed on the OASIS website 

In view of your engagement with eGovernment in OASIS, we very much hope 
that you or one of your colleagues could arrange to participate in the 
Workshop. We believe that the Workshop will materially strengthen the 
understanding of participants regarding  open standards and 
interoperability in all aspects of eGovernment applications.It will be a 
very useful framework for exchanging experience and learning from 
practitioners like yourself about the most cost-effective 
solutions.There is no charge for attendance at the eGov Workshop.

We hope you could also send this invitation on to others who might  also 
consider joining the OASIS eGovernment Member Section [ 
http://www.oasis-egov.org/]. The OASIS eGovernment Member Section (eGov 
MS) serves as a focal point for discussions of governmental and public 
administration requirements for e-business standardization.I am 
confident that you know that OASIS is the premier open standards 
consortium, advancing open standards for the information society. 
Bringing together representatives from global, regional, national and 
local government agencies, the OASIS eGov MS provides a continuing  
platform for those who share a common interest in directing and 
understanding the impact of open standards on the public sector.

Please could you also circulate details of the eGov Workshop throughout 
your networks?
Very much looking forward to your positive response,
Best regards,

Dr Carol Cosgrove-Sacks
eGovernment Convenor & Senior Advisor on International Standards Policy

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