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Subject: [Fwd: European Journal of ePractice =?UTF-8?B?bsK6IDVd?=

Dear Members,
This edition of the European Journal of ePractice seems to have very 
relevant articles for the kind of work many of you undertake. I hope you 
may find it interesting,
Best regards,
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Title: European Journal of ePractice

European Journal of ePractice

High Impact Services

The papers for this issue of the European Journal of ePractice were submitted at a time when there was some certainty left in the structures of governments and the services they delivered. They are being published at a time of unprecedented turmoil in business and governance. The global financial crisis of late 2008 has redefined the business/government landscape. Some banks have become bankrupt, and there is concern that even Iceland may as a country be insolvent. Many banks are now partly or fully in public ownership; many citizens who saved money to provide them with a pension on retirement may not now receive that allowance. It is not just individuals who have lost significant amounts of savings in collapsed banks; it is also some government institutions. The pressure on public finances in many countries will become extreme. It would be too simplistic to say that this is the time for eGovernment to deliver the efficiencies and societal benefits that have long been promised, but it certainly is the time to focus on delivering impact in the right areas.
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European Journal of ePractice
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