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Subject: FW: Eastern European e|Gov Days 2010 - announcement

I am forwarding this notice to you all as it may be of interest and hopefully some of you may be able to submit papers and attend.  If you can, a mention of the work of the eGov Member Section in your paper would be appreciated please.

John Borras


Chair eGov MS Steering Committee


From: Bejdak Radek [bejdak@epma.cz]
Sent: 19 October 2009 20:24
To: carol.cosgrove-sacks@oasis-open.org
Subject: Eastern European e|Gov Days 2010 - announcement

Dear colleagues,

on behalf of the programme and organizing committee, we are cordially inviting you for the 8th annual Eastern European e|Gov Days conference (http://www.epma.cz/eeegov-days.html) which will be held on 21-23 April 2010 in Prague. General info with Call for Papers is below and in the attachment.


8th Eastern European e|Gov Days:Changing Concepts & eGovernment as a Service

April (21) - 22 – 23, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

Jointly organised by: Forum e|Government / OCG-Austrian Computer Society, Vienna (AT) and EPMA/Vysocina Region (CZ) with partners


The annual Eastern European e|Gov Days has become a recognised platform for dialogue and knowledge transfer between Western and Eastern European countries. This event brings together over  200 professionals from the private and public sector in a lively exchange of experience and ideas and real life examples.


General schedule

April 21 - Independent workshops (eProcurement, CROSSROAD, etc),

April 22 – Conference Opening, plenary panels, parallel thematic sessions,

April 23 – Plenary panel and parallel thematic sessions

Call for Papers

A select number of academic papers will be presented at the conference.  Accepted papers will be published by OCG in the printed, ISSN/ISBN identified, Conference Proceedings and in an electronic format. We are looking for innovative papers on New aspects of Government Transformation and eService provision (Organisational, legal, technological, human, political, etc). Topics suggested:


I.          Everyday eGovernment: localized and geo-determined public services

II.         New topics/aspects of eGovernment:

            a.  The elephant in the room: mGovernment

            b.  Green eGovernment

            c.  EU eGovernment Action Plan for 2015

III.         Policy modelling and New policy models

IV.        Technologies and conditions for better eGovernance (Key enables)

V.         Marketing & Direct Democracy: Challenges to service the citizen

            a.  Servicing the citizen: a marketing approach?

            b.  Direct Democracy: reinventing marketing or specific approach?

            c.  Direct Democracy, political representation, commitment

VI.        eDemocracy & eParticipation, Social networking : contacting the citizen (a tool or an objective?). Socio-economic benefits of participatory Governance

VII.       Government as Open Source & eGovernment as a Service. Is eGovernment working? Is it engaging, high impact and value-for-money?

VIII.      Evaluation, measurement and public values & eGovernment

IX.        eProcurement & Pre-Commercial Procurement & bringing innovation in eGovernment

X.         eJustice & Trust, Privacy and Security aspects

XI.        eDemocracy & eEnvironment : Reality and Challenges for eEnvironment implementation in Europe

XII.        Free Access to Public Sector  Information & re-use of PSI

XIII.       Reality and Challenges for regional eGovernment


We expect inputs of experts from academy, business and public administration, original and innovative contributions with a length of approx. 3000 - 4000 words, covering methodological issues as well as case studies.


Important dates!!!

Submission of papers:                           January 10, 2010

Notification of acceptance:                     February 10, 2010

Camera ready copies for the Book          March 31, 2010


Please, send your contribution to the Proceedings coordinator Marleen Haase, marleen.haase@donau-uni.ac.at and in a copy to Radek Bejdák , bejdak@epma.cz

Programme issues, overall organization and sponsoring: Irina ZÁLIŠOVÁ, zalisova@epma.cz , Radek Bejdak, bejdak@epma.cz


Actual info: www.epma.cz  


Best regards,

EPMA team 


General info_8thEEEGOV_2010.pdf

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