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To All Members


Your eGov Steering Committee (SC) has produced a new Guidance Document which is attached for your review and comment please.  This one covers the very important issue of making the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 and attempts to highlight and provide guidance on how to overcome the barriers to making that transition.


Could I please ask you to let me have any general views, detailed comments, suggestions for additional content, etc by 11th June.  The SC will then consider all proposed changes at their next meeting on 14th June and look to approve and publish the documents for public consumption soon thereafter.  


This being an on-going topic it is likely that we will issue regular updates to this document as new material and experiences become available, but we believe it is important at this stage to get an early version published.



John Borras

Chair eGov Member Section


IPv6_Guidance Doc_draft.pdf

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