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Subject: OASIS eGov Member Section - Work Plan 2011

Your Steering Committee has produced the attached draft work plan for next year and this is now submitted for your comment and approval.  Could I have any comments, objections or suggested additions by Friday 26th November please so that these can be considered at our next SC meeting in December.


The work plan is an ambitious one but we believe these items are important and need urgent action.  We do need your involvement and assistance in delivering the plan, the Steering Committee cannot do all the work on its own.  So could you also indicate which work items are of particular interest to you and ones that you would be willing to assist with.


Any other general views on the operation of the Member Section are always welcome.



John Borras


Chair OASIS eGOV MS Steering Committee


m. +(0)44 7976 157745

Skype:  gov3john


Work Action List 2011 - final draft.pdf

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