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Subject: OASIS eGovernment Member Section to Host Breakfast Seminar in Brussels, Belgium

You’re invited to attend an OASIS eGov Member Section breakfast seminar and networking event, to be held at the Stanhope Hotel in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday, 3 May between 08:30 AM – 11:00 AM.  

This seminar will provide members an opportunity to debate issues of common concern with representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and other governmental agencies to specifically:

• Identify what OASIS, as an organisation together with its TCs, can do to ensure that open standards continue to play an important role and that our standards can be legitimately referenced and used in EU public policy and service delivery in the future; and

• To gain a better understanding of the concerns and expectations of policy-makers.

OASIS is looking forward to this valuable interactive opportunity.  We hope you will consider joining us and adding your voice to that of others in the industry.   An informational flyer is attached for further review and registration information will follow shortly.   






eGov MS May seminar proposal.docx

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