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Subject: Re: [idtrust-ms] STORK 2 - EU cross-border identity pilot projects

Sounds like first-stage closure, all played out just as Laurent said
this morning.  STORK project wants some SAML experts.  That's
encouraging.  Peter has called for some.  We have one or two
possibles.  Terms of the exact deal between STORK project, OASIS & the
experts, e.g., who pays travel, and whether they say some contractual
intermediary like AFNET would be needed, will be gently explored in
Peter's transmittal of the names back to Sra. Garcia Medina at ATOS.
(Unless he delegates that.)  We want them to know that we're looking
for new gap-filling project needs: and Peter has done so.  Laurent (or
someone he designates) will let AFNET know.  Sounds like a good days'
work & all sorted out.

Regards  Jamie

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