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hi Tony, Clicking on the link you provided results in a request for an
ID and password!

On 10/31/11, Tony Rutkowski <tony@yaanatech.com> wrote:
> Hi John,
> It's unfortunate that cognizance was not evident
> of the largest ongoing global collaborative cloud
> activity and the implications of the work.
> For the past year, the ITU-T Focus Group on Cloud
> Computing has been meeting at multiple venues
> around the world and engaging just about every
> every standards activity that exists.  The work has
> been focussed on 1) uncovering everything occurring
> "out there," and 2) deriving what appear to be common
> conceptualizations at both the meta and detailed
> technical and provisioning levels.
> The latest instantiations of their products are found
> in the output documents of the recent Seoul meeting,
> and consist of a very comprehensive set of documents:
> o ecosystem
> o functional requirements and reference architecture
> o infrastructure
> o security
> o benefits
> o standards bodies involved
> o resource management
> o summary
> The set is available at http://ifa.itu.int/t/fg/cloud/docs/1109-seo/out/
> A final meeting will be held in December in Geneva,
> followed by issuance of the final material.  I know of
> no activity on this scale and comprehensiveness related
> to cloud computing, and will likely shape the collaborative
> playbook going forward.  Of particular interest are what
> appear to be common models for instantiating  this
> new infrastructure which will be rapidly replacing
> both the PSTN and Internet.
> best,
> tony
> On 10/31/2011 5:56 AM, John Borras wrote:
>> The final report on our recent Cloud Symposium is now available at
>> http://www.oasis-egov.org/node/47 .
>> This was a hugely successful event both for the eGov and IDTrust
>> Member Sections and for OASIS as a whole.  We will be following up on
>> the actions arising over the coming weeks but in the meantime if
>> anybody has any observations or suggestions for new areas of work on
>> this increasingly important area of activity please post a note to the
>> me and the MS mailing list.
>> Regards
>> John Borras
>> Chair OASIS eGOV MS Steering Committee
>> m. +(0)44 7976 157745
>> Skype:  gov3john

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