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Subject: Public Service Reference Model Canada by way of Denmark

eGov TC member Michael Bang Kjeldgaard National IT and Telecom Agency, Denmark has provided us with the information (email messages) and 26 page document about models defined by the Government in Canada.  i have posted the documents in the TC archives for your retrieval/reading.

I am forwarding this information to you on Michael's behalf.  Michael is anxious to restart a lively discussion about how governments plan to manage both services development in general and more specifically regarding standardisation of XML vocabularies.  I think that is a very good idea.

I was glad Michael shared his thoughts and findings with me and now you.  As he suggested this is a good way to revive our dialogue prior to TC meeting in Washington, DC  later this month.   Please send your thoughts about the models described in the documents provided to the entire e-Gov TC membership so we all benefit.   thanks diane 

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