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Subject: No Subject

Interoperability: Several of the ebXML sessions will focus on worldwide ebXML interoperability efforts including:
1. A live demonstration from the eBES Interoperability Pilot (sponsored by OASIS and CEN-ISSS)
2. The ebXML Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) test framework published as a TC 
specification within OASIS (test automation and deployment)
3. An update on the B2B Interoperability Test Bed sponsored by OAG and NIST (in collaboration with Asia Pacific counter-
4. Progress by the Asia Interoperability Task Group within the ebXML Asia Committee

We welcome everyone to review the schedule, and attend some of these important sessions in London.

Monica J. Martin
Web Technologies and Standards
Sun Microsystems

At 11:20 AM 4/25/03 -0600, Monica J. Martin wrote:
>Everyone, in one of the eGov SC meetings yesterday, specifically 
>Interoperability Services, the group has asked that I provide a short 
>summary on the event and pointers to the web site.  Alan, I thought that 
>you had a distribution that I could provide, and also that we emphasize 
>the related presentations focused on interoperability: Asia ebXML 
>Committee, ebXML Test Centers, ebXML IIC brief and eBES presentation.
>Please let me know so I can respond back to the larger eGov TC list.

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