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Subject: [egov] eGov 4/25/2003: Upcoming XML Europe and ebXML InteroperabilityUPDATED

Everyone, I have also received another important addendum on the OASIS 
Reception and added to this email (so you may disregard first 

Thank you.

Monica J. Martin wrote:

>  Everyone,
> In Thursday's eGov Interoperability Services TC, we discussed the 
> upcoming XML Europe event, as well as the ebXML Showcase.  David 
> Layton asked that I post this to the eGov TC at large as well as 
> highlight some of the interoperability sessions in the ebXML 
> Showcase.  I've included a portion of the the initial press release 
> and provided some additional details at the end on the 
> interoperability sessions.
> ********************************************************************************************** 
> UN/CEFACT and OASIS will host the ebXML Showcase in London, 5-6 May 
> 2003. Highlighting the growing use of Electronic Business XML (ebXML) 
> in a range of industries as well as ebXML's role in Web services, the 
> two-day event will be held in conjunction with IDEAlliance's XML 
> Europe 2003 conference.
> The ebXML Showcase is designed for developers and business managers 
> worldwide with an interest in ebXML's modular suite of specifications 
> for conducting business over the Internet. The event will feature 
> answers to real-life questions of adopting the UN/CEFACT and OASIS 
> ebXML standards for exchanging business messages, establishing trading 
> relationships, communicating data in common terms and defining and 
> registering business processes. Attendees will also hear about the 
> business benefits of managing electronic commerce through ebXML from 
> existing ebXML end users and software suppliers.
> Keynote presentations from Paul Murphy of the European Commission, 
> Patrick Gannon, president and CEO of OASIS, and Ray Walker, chair of 
> the UN/CEFACT Steering Group, will be featured at the ebXML Showcase. 
> The program will also include updates from ebXML users in the 
> telecommunications, law-enforcement, shipping, publishing, 
> manufacturing, and e-commerce industries. Representatives of the 
> United Nations, Fujitsu, NIST, SeeBeyond, Sun Microsystems, and others 
> will present.
> The full text of the release is at 
> http://www.ebxml.org/news/pr_20030327.htm .The page with the ebXML 
> program is found at http://www.xmleurope.com/2003/ebxmlconference.asp .
> From Alan Kotok
> Editor, < E-Business*Standards*Today />
> http://www.disa.org/dailywire/
> Data Interchange Standards Association
> akotok@disa.org
> +1 703-518-4174

Following the first day of the ebXML Showcase, OASIS will host a special 
Members Reception. This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest
accomplishments from OASIS management and voice your perspective to 
members of the OASIS Board of Directors. The reception begins at 6:00PM
at the Hilton London Metropole. Members are asked to RSVP--whether or 
not you are able to attend--at 
Prospective members are also invited and should contact Scott McGrath, 

> ********************************************************************************************** 
> Interoperability: Several of the ebXML sessions will focus on 
> worldwide ebXML interoperability efforts including:
> 1. A live demonstration from the eBES Interoperability Pilot 
> (sponsored by OASIS and CEN-ISSS)
> 2. The ebXML Implementation, Interoperability and Conformance (IIC) 
> test framework published as a TC specification within OASIS (test 
> automation and deployment)
> 3. An update on the B2B Interoperability Test Bed sponsored by OAG and 
> NIST (in collaboration with Asia Pacific counter-
> parts)
> 4. Progress by the Asia Interoperability Task Group within the ebXML 
> Asia Committee
> We welcome everyone to review the schedule, and attend some of these 
> important sessions in London.
> Regards.
> Monica J. Martin
> Web Technologies and Standards
> Sun Microsystems

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