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Subject: Agenda for May 6 SC Meeting


I will be unable to attend the May 6 SC or May 8 TC meeting in person due
to a family medical emergency, but will participate via telecon.  Jon Bosak
will assist from London as vice-chair.  The following is the agenda for the
SC meeting:

  1.  Update on SC status (Dave Layton)
  2.  UBL Liaison discussion (Jouko Salonen)
         * Confirm commitment
         * Modus operandi
         * Timeline
  3.  Discussion of deliverable #1 (Graham Beaver)
  4.  Preps for May 8 TC Mtg  (Dave Layton)

Attached are a few slides for item #1 above.


David Layton
GSA, Office of E-Government & Technology
E-Government Strategy Division
Phone: 202-219-0815

(See attached file: May 6 Interop Services SC Mtg.ppt)

May 6 Interop Services SC Mtg.ppt

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