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Subject: [egov-ws] Preparations for the ebXML/Web Services Subcommittee Meetingon March 12

Hello all,

Thanks for your interest in the ebXML / web services subcommittee (SC) and
willingness to contribute ideas, expertise and time to this important
initiative.  As a starting point to help focus our energies and identify
priorities, I have attached a draft charter for this SC for your review and
comment.  This document is very much subject to change based on your
feedback.  With your help, it should evolve into a document that will not
only guide and bound our efforts, but also one that reflects the team's
consensus view of what we should be doing.

Please review the charter and provide specific recommendations for how it
can be enhanced or better aligned with your understanding of what the SC
should be seeking to accomplish.  Note that the document is in OpenOffice
format (available for download from www.openoffice.org if needed) per
guidance received at the Dec 13 TC kick-off meeting.  Please provide
feedback to me via email no later than March 7.  If you would like to
discuss your feedback in person, feel free to call me at the phone number
listed below.  After collecting all comments, I will reconcile (wherever
possible) and incorporate feedback into another iteration of the charter
for discussion at the March 12 SC meeting.  This process should identify
areas of agreement as well as disagreements and differing viewpoints.  One
of the objectives of the March 12 SC meeting will be to resolve any such
differences and finalize the charter.  To facilitate the process of
collecting and incorporating feedback, please adhere to the following
ground rules in your review:

   Provide a single response/document capturing all of your comments.  The
   preferred method would be to simply mark-up the document itself (using
   the "record changes" feature of OpenOffice) with any modifications you
   feel are necessary, but I can work with whatever method is easiest for
   Be specific and succinct in your recommendations, and include the exact
   wording that you would like to see incorporated in the charter to
   address any concerns you may have.
   Provide the rationale for recommended changes if it is not self-evident.
   Unless you have significant issues with the high-level topics that are
   covered in the document (i.e., scope and purpose, deliverables, timeline
   and priorities) and how it is structured, please focus on the content of
   the document rather than how it is organized.  That said, I will
   entertain structural changes if there is a compelling reason to do so.

Other topics:  Jon Bosak has graciously offered to serve as vice-chairman
of this SC, but we will also need volunteers to fill other roles (e.g.,
secretary) as well.  Over the next few days I will publish (via the SC
listserv) what I think are the necessary roles and ask for both comments
and volunteers.  I will also provide a first-cut of the agenda and
objectives for the SC's portion of the March 12 meeting in the next few

Thanks in advance for your contributions and support.  Looking forward to
seeing (or hearing from) you at the March 12 meeting and working together
on this important challenge.


David Layton
U.S. General Services Administration
Office of E-Government & Technology
E-Government Strategy Division
Phone: 202-219-0815

(See attached file: Draft ebXML-web services SC Charter, Ver 1.sxw)

Attachment: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Draft_ebXML-web_services_SC_Charter,_Ver_1.sxw?=
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