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Subject: [egov-ws] Objectives/Agenda for March 12 ebXML/web Services SC Meeting


As promised, below is a proposed set of objectives and agenda for the SC
meeting on March 12.  It is fairly ambitious, but should be doable in the
few hours that we have to meet.  The wildcard of course will be the extent
to which we agree (or disagree) on the draft charter and deliverables.
After seeing your feedback on the charter next week, I should be able to
assess this and make adjustments as needed.  Please provide me with any
feedback you may have on the objectives/agenda over the next few days, and
I will publish a revision (if needed) by the end of next week.

A few other items:

1.  I would appreciate a volunteer to serve as secretary for the initial
meeting - please let me know if you are willing to do this.  We can
identify a "permanent" secretary on March 12, or perhaps set up some kind
of a "rotating secretary" model if no one can commit to this role for the
long haul.
2.  Please give some thought as to other roles (e.g., liaison to other SC's
and TC's) you feel are needed.  We will nail down the specific roles and
identify volunteers to fill them at the meeting.  Thanks in advance to
anyone who can volunteer the time and energy necessary to fill these roles.


Meeting Objectives:

1.  Agree to SC roles and identify volunteers for each
2.  Reach consensus on the SC charter
3.  Specify a framework for producing agreed-to deliverables (i.e.,
identify priorities, sequencing/phasing of deliverables, what we can
realistically commit to in the near-term and identify volunteers to
4.  Agree to a communications plan and basic tools needed (e.g., periodic
teleconferences, usage of Kavi as a collaboration tool, etc.)
5.  Outline next steps

Meeting Agenda:

1.  Welcome and introductions
2.  Review of SC charter:
       a.  Summary of feedback received
       b.  Discussion and disposition of feedback
       c.  Discussion of SC deliverables:
             (1)  High-level definition and intent of each
             (2)  Prioritization and sequencing (as needed) of deliverables
             (3)  Identify which deliverables the SC can commit to in the
near-term; table the others for future action/phases
             (4)  Identify volunteer leader(s) and contributors for each
near-term deliverable
3.  Admin Topics:
       a.  Discussion of SC roles / identification of volunteers
       b.  Schedule routine/periodic status meetings (via teleconference?)
       c.  Discussion of tools (Kavi, listserv, OpenOffice vs other SW,
etc.) and how they can best serve our needs
4.  Discussion of Next Steps:
       a.  Revise SC charter (as needed) per results of above discussion
and publish final version
       b.  Develop and publish high-level SC plan and timeline per
agreements above
       c.  Deliverable leaders further define/clarify deliverables as
needed, and develop a timeline for interim and final products
       d.  Others?
5.  Conclusion

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