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Subject: RE: [egov] Manchester ministerial conference on eGovernment

I'll be there as part of the austrian government delegation....


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From: Pim van der Eijk [mailto:pim.vandereijk@oasis-open.org] 
Sent: 25 October 2005 09:35
To: h.j.m.burg@minfin.nl; egov@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [egov] Manchester ministerial conference on eGovernment


Is anyone on the TC planning to attend the Manchester ministerial

Topics of relevance to OASIS are security and identification, procurement
(UBL is already very important here), interoperability and open standards,
infrastructure for eGovernment. There are enough people we should talk to
make them aware of relevant OASIS standards and to encourage participation
in the eGov TC.


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From: h.j.m.burg@minfin.nl [mailto:h.j.m.burg@minfin.nl]
Sent: 19 October 2005 16:52
To: egov@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [egov] telecon now!!

eGOV TC meeting


The face to face meeting in London has debated the strategic position of the
TC, including its goals and what the future tasks could be.


Following this discussion we propose to review all the existing work items,
subgroups and tasks of the TC. To establish what work items are still active
and establish the future direction of the tasks we carry forward.


To be blunt, there appears to be little current activity in any of the
current sub groups.  So we need to decide as a TC which subgroups are still
relevant.   Unless there is support for a subgroup the work may as well be


The face to face identified the following:


         Be global, but allowing for national and localisation issues.

         Provide "bridge" between OASIS and other "e-Government" standards

         Focus our efforts on XML and in particular OASIS standards, provide
interface and trigger activity in other OASIS TC to meet "government"


Support the idea of producing profiles for e-Government

         Looking at the value/need for a government equivalent of ebXML,
CORE components and Ontology for e-Government.

         Provide guidance on SOA principles for e-Government.


Consider the following tasks

         Generate a how to for e-government, leading to an eGOV roadmap

         Collaboration and XML Standards Management

         Generate an eGov Ontology and Core Components

         Support cross-sector cooperation and networking for e-Government



         Review the TC Charter

         Review the current subgroups, close any subgroups that are no
longer relevant

         Publish the list of member of the active subgroups

         Set up a meeting schedule 



Harm-Jan van Burg

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