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Subject: Re: Follow-up on AGSC Workshop

Let me check with OASIS staff on the scheduling of their
conferences for the fall, Mike.  I know OASIS plans an
Adoption Forum in Europe once a year, where a lot of time
and energy is expended in attracting people to that forum.
It might be a shame to be in conflict with that conference.

However, the Adoption Forum is an OASIS-wide effort, whereas
what we're planning is an EKMI-TC level effort; so the scope
of our audience is much narrower and more local.

I am copying the AGSC mailing list on this thread to see if
there are any conflicts they see with it being in October or
November.  Let me get back to the list on the Adoption Forum

Thanks, Mike.


P.S.  Have you had a chance to speak to ISSA about this and
sound them out on the joint effort?  Were you planning on
working with the SFO-ISSA or the SV-ISSA or both?  Thanks.

Mike Nelson wrote:
> Arshad,
> The answer is yes and no. =:O
> The fall conference team believes, and I tend to agree, that this topic
> really should be a catalyst for us to engage the ISSA chapter in a joint
> event.  So, we do want to sequence it into our upcoming educational
> schedule, but not as part of the fall conference in September.  What would
> you think of an October or November session?
> I did not talk to the UCSF folks about this yet.  I'm thinking if we make it
> a day-long event, doing it at the Nikko where we do all our educational
> sessions makes more sense in terms of facilities (meals, break snacks,
> etc.).
> On 5/10/07 8:31 PM, "Arshad Noor" <arshad.noor@strongauth.com> wrote:
>>Hi Mike,
>>I know you're probably as busy and exhausted as I am, but I'm
>>trying to take 10 minutes out of my crazy schedule to follow
>>up on some of the action items from our last meeting.
>>Did you get a chance to talk to the ISACA Education Committee
>>about whether the OASIS/ISACA workshop should be held in
>>conjunction with the Fall conference, or as a separate event
>>(with ISSA included)?
>>Also, did you find out about the possibility of using the UCSF
>>venue for the workshop?
>>Thanks a lot Mike.
> --
> mnelson@securenet-technologies.com or mrfisma@gmail.com
> www.securenet-technologies.com or www.fisma.us
> blog: mrfisma.com

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