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ekmi-audit message

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Subject: Potential date for EKMI Workshop

There as an action item in the May 2007 minutes to select
a date for the EKMI Workshop for this fall in SFO; I forgot
to bring it up - my apologies.

Can we continue the discussion over e-mail and settle on a
date for the full-day workshop?  I have no particular bias
towards any specific date.

Since this is focused on the IS Audit community, I think
others on this SC list are more qualified to make that
judgement than I am.  But I would like to nail down a
date before our July 17 meeting if possible (I'd like to
announce at least the date at the ISACA International
conference in late July).



P.S. I've copied Davi explicitly because he's not on the
AGSC mailing list.  Davi, you need to add yourself to the
AGSC list distinctly since the entire EKMI list won't get
these e-mails.  Thanks.

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