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Subject: Request for block of SKSML Error Codes for Vendor Use

In accordance with Appendix D of the DRAFT SKSML 1.0 Specification
PR02, we would like to request a block of SKSML codes for use by
StrongAuth, Inc.

We assert the following:

1) We will implement the SKSML 1.0 specification within 6-12 months
    of the date of this request;

2) We will implement ALL the Standard Codes & Messages as described
    in the SKSML Specification;

3) We will not duplicate any Standard Code or message within our
    assigned private vendor block of numbers;

4) If the TC later chooses to standardize a specific message within
    the Standard Codes, which may overlap with our assigned private-
    block message, we will use the Standard Code in the implementations
    created subsequent to the standardization of the code/message;

5) We will notify the EKMI Technical Committee of the release date of
    our product, highlighting the relevant section of our documentation
    using the Standard Codes and Messages, upon the release of the

Thank you

Arshad Noor - (Authorized representative)
StrongAuth, Inc.
(408) 331-2000

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