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Subject: Re: [ekmi-comment] Request for block of SKSML Error Codes for VendorUse

(Note:  This message is going to be a little strange, since
I'm sending this as Chair of the EKMI TC to myself, as CTO of
StrongAuth.  The only other e-mail that should be similarly
strange is if Anil, as Secretary of the EKMI TC, sends an
e-mail to himself as the Red Hat/JBoss Security Architect,
granting them a block of codes if/when they make a similar
application to the TC per the defined process). :-)

With the successful passage of the OASIS EKMI TC ballot, based
on the vendor's request:


StrongAuth, Inc. is granted the following block of SKSML
codes for its exclusive use, subject to the assertions
made in its request:

	Starting Number: 10001 (Ten thousand and one)
	Ending Number: 	 11000 (Eleven thousand)

The vendor may use this block of numbers for its exclusive use
in its implementation of the SKSML protocol.

The vendor is required to provide a link to its product and
documentation confirming the use of SKSML Standard Codes/Messages
in its implementation of SKSML, within 12 months of this grant.
If such an implementation is not available within the 12-month
period, the block of codes will revert back to the EKMI TC.

Please address all questions to ekmi-comment@lists.oasis-open.org.
Thank you.

Arshad Noor

Arshad Noor wrote:
> In accordance with Appendix D of the DRAFT SKSML 1.0 Specification
> PR02, we would like to request a block of SKSML codes for use by
> StrongAuth, Inc.
> We assert the following:
> 1) We will implement the SKSML 1.0 specification within 6-12 months
>    of the date of this request;
> 2) We will implement ALL the Standard Codes & Messages as described
>    in the SKSML Specification;
> 3) We will not duplicate any Standard Code or message within our
>    assigned private vendor block of numbers;
> 4) If the TC later chooses to standardize a specific message within
>    the Standard Codes, which may overlap with our assigned private-
>    block message, we will use the Standard Code in the implementations
>    created subsequent to the standardization of the code/message;
> 5) We will notify the EKMI Technical Committee of the release date of
>    our product, highlighting the relevant section of our documentation
>    using the Standard Codes and Messages, upon the release of the
>    product.
> Thank you
> Arshad Noor - (Authorized representative)
> StrongAuth, Inc.
> (408) 331-2000
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