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Subject: Re: [ekmi] EKMI TC monthly meeting minutes (23 Jan 2009)


I believe that the XKMS specification mostly failed in it's off-loading 
- Most of the use cases they designed for are theoretical. Definitely a 
specification with real requirements are needed.
- Using XKMS itself is not so light weight making the off-loading task 
kind of mute. The kind of application where XKMS would be applicable 
hardly needs off-loading of processing imho.

Actually my real-world, practical experience with XKMS is limited, since 
it's so rarely used.

Therefore I think Mob SKSML needs real world use cases and input to the 
spec. I have a hope that PayPal (and others) might just have that. For 
cases where the SIM-based security used today for payments is not 
sufficient, or is it something else?


Anil Saldhana wrote:
> Agenda:
> 1) Roll call
> Voting Members:
> Arshad Noor  - Individual
> Anil Saldhana - Red Hat
> Davi Ottenheimer - Individual
> Ken Adler - Individual
> Shaheen N Abdul Jabbar - Individual
> Member:
> Upendra Mardikar - Individual
> No Quorum Achieved.
> 2) Update on SKSML Committee Specification
> * Arshad congratulated the committee on getting the committee 
> specification of SKSML passed.
> * Require 3 support letters from Oasis Corporate Members to send the 
> committee spec to standard ballot.  Arshad will work with IDTrust 
> Steering Committee, Oasis Board and observers on the TC.
> 3) Update on Flash Demo
> * Contract signed.
> * Lead Designer will interface with TC members and utilize other 
> documentation available to create story boards.
> 4) Anil's request for clarification on Vendor Block of Codes
> * Arshad shared his experiences with similar approaches taken in the 
> industry.
> * Discussions will be held offline.
> 5) Discussion and vote on Mobile SKSML sub-committee
> * Upendra presented his idea
> * Anil mentioned that one of the objectives of W3C XKMS specification 
> was to offload complex processing on devices to an external entity (key 
> server). He is not sure whether that objective was reached.  Tomas with 
> his xkms experience can probably comment.
> * Separate ballots to be created for creation of mobile-sksml 
> sub-committee as well as nomination of co-chairs (Upendra and Anil).  
> Shaheen will participate in the sub-committee.
> 6) Discussion on potential TC meeting at RSA 2009
> * Many members are open to the idea.  Discussion will continue in the 
> email list.
> 7) Discussion on Implementation, Operations & Audit Guidelines
> * No objection to merging the subcommittees into one "IOA" subcommittee.
> 8) New business
> * Anil opined that the IOA and Conformance Test subcommittees should 
> work in parallel.
> * Anil to lead the conformance test suite effort. A separate ballot will 
> be created to nominate Anil as the chair of the subcommittee.
> 9) Adjourn
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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