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Subject: US Congress - Hearing on Voting Technology & Standards

Yesterday, 22 May 2001, the Committee on Science of the House of 
Representatives of the US Congress held a hearing entitled, "Improving 
Voting Technology: The Role of Standards". The four panelists who testified 
were ...

- Dr. Stephen Ansolabehere, Professor of Political Science at MIT and 
Director of the Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project.

- Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, Assistant Professor at Bryn Mawr College. Dr. 
Mercuri's doctoral dissertation is entitled "Electronic Vote Tabulation 
Checks & Balances".

- Mr. Roy Saltman, Consultant on Election Policy and Technology. Mr. 
Saltman is perhaps best known as the author of the August 1988 report on 
voting technology which foresaw, by 12 years, the problems that happened in 
the Florida 2000 election.

- Dr. Douglas Jones, Professor of Computer Science at the University of 
Iowa and a member of the Iowa Board of Examiners for Voting Machines.

For those interested, links to the archived webcast and written testimony 
from the hearing are listed out below. The panelists first read their 
written testimony, then most of the hearing involved members of Congress 
asking the panelists questions related to voting, technology, & standards. 
Unfortunately, only the panelists' written testimony is available in text 
form. The entire Q&A dialog appears to only be accessible by listening to 
the 2 hour, 21 minute archived webcast.

I did listen to the entire webcast. For those of us already familiar with 
the current state of voting technology, no new information was presented. I 
found the dialog to be interesting, nonetheless.

Committee on Science web site

Archived Webcast of the Hearing
- total length: 2 hours, 21 minutes
- requires Real Media Player, Basic edition - available for free from 
- there is "dead space" at the beginning of the webcast, fast forward to 
04:24.0 to begin the hearing.

Dr. Ansolabehere - Written Testimony

Dr. Ansolabehere - Web Site

Dr. Mercuri - Written Testimony

Dr. Mercuri - Web Site

Mr. Saltman - Written Testimony

Mr. Saltman - 1988 Report on Voting Technology

Dr. Jones - Written Testimony

Dr. Jones - Web Site

- Thom

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