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Subject: [election-services] FW: OASIS ELECTION TC - Meeting Agenda

Sent on behalf of John Borras

Attached is the paper listing the proposed changes for version 3 for
discussion under item 2 of next week's agenda.  We have some suggested
changes from Niten Malik, on which we have already had some comments as
shown in the paper,  plus a long list of suggested changes identified in our
work on the UK local election pilots.  I doubt we will have time to resolve
all of these at next week's meeting but at least we can air the issues for
further consideration.  If anybody has any other proposed changes can they
let me have a note of them as soon as possible please.

> John
>  <<emlv3 changes.doc>> 
> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Ahmed Farah - Office of the e-Envoy Technology Strategy - 
> Sent:	11 October 2002 16:19
> To:	Alexander Leventhal (E-mail); Angus Ward (E-mail); Ann Macintosh
> (E-mail); Choudhury Anwar - Office of the e-Envoy e-Government -; Bruce
> Elton (E-mail); Carol Paquette (E-mail); Charbel Aoun (E-mail); Dan Ryan
> (E-mail); Deborah Phillips (E-mail); Ed McLaughin (E-mail); Greg Sloane
> (E-mail); Gregg McGilvray (E-mail); Hans von Spakovsky (E-mail); Jason
> Kitcat (E-mail); Jo-Ann Zakielarz (E-mail); Borras John - Office of the
> e-Envoy e-Government -; John Hornbaker (E-mail); John Ross (E-mail); John
> Stevens (E-mail); Julia Glidden (E-mail); Karl Best (E-mail); Kevin
> Broadfoot (E-mail); Krishna Sankar (E-mail); Niten Malik (E-mail); OASIS
> (E-mail); Oliver Bell (E-mail); Pascal Souhard (E-mail); Paul Kirk
> (E-mail); Paul Spencer (E-mail); Peter Lyster (E-mail); Regis Jamin
> (E-mail); Robin Cover (E-mail); Spencer Valentine (E-mail); Stephen Berger
> (E-mail); Stephen Farrell (E-mail); Steven Hagan (E-mail); Tim Bovee
> (E-mail); Tim Pickering (E-mail); Tom Redman (E-mail); Tracey Lewin
> (E-mail); Vanessa Keitges (E-mail); William Koenig (E-mail)
> Subject:	OASIS ELECTION TC - Meeting Agenda
> Importance:	High
> Dear OASIS TC,
> As you will already know the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 22
> October at 16:00 BST (11.00 USA EDT, 08.00 USA PDT, 17.00 Central European
> Time).
> The teleconference number is +44 (0)870 240 3500, and the access code is
> 145482.  If you have any troubles getting through please phone the BT
> (British Telecom) Helpdesk on 0800 0850 679 (UK) or +44 207 298 4698
> (International). You can also ring me on +44 (0)7976 157745.
> The agenda for this meeting will be:
> 1. Minutes of last meeting and actions arising
> 2. EML v3 - proposed changes - file to follow 
> 3. Report on EMK(UK) localisation - see attached
> 4. Testing - progress reports from members
> 5. Liaison with Council of Europe
> 7. AOB
> 8. Dates and locations of future meetings
> It would help greatly if you could confirm whether you will be joining us
> here in Stockley House for the meeting or joining in via teleconference.
> Regards,
> Farah Ahmed
> Interoperability and Metadata Analyst
> Markets, Technologies & Innovation
> Office of the e-Envoy
> Tel: 020 7276 3096
> www.e-envoy.gov.uk
>  << File: EML-UK-Customisation-v1.doc >> 
The Cabinet Office's computer systems may be monitored and communications
carried on them recorded, to secure the effective operation of the system
and for other lawful purposes.


Attachment: emlv3 changes.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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