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Subject: Re: [election-services] OASIS E-VOTING TECHNICAL COMMITTEE


Oracle UK would be pleased to host a meeting/teleconference in Reading or our London City office in Moorgate.  Please advise when you'd like to do it ASAP as meeting rooms do get booked up!



Borras, John wrote:
Hello All
Apologies for the lack of contact of late but an enforced change of job has taken my attention in last few weeks.  I want to schedule a TC meeting but in my new job I can't provide hosting facilities.  So can anyone provide a teleconference facility and for members in UK can anyone provide a meeting room please?  I'm looking for a meeting in 2nd half of March if possible.
Things we need to discuss include:
the future of EML and what other supporting material should we produce
the new OASIS IPR Policy and Membership Agreements
the current discussion about trusted process model.
If there's anything else please let me have a note.

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