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Subject: Roll-call of EML 4.0 compatible components?


I've been working off-line on support for the notion of
collaboratively developing an EML 4.0 resource toolkit.

We defiantely have lots of good folks interested in this,
but what I'm trying to guage right now is what members
here may be able to pro-offer to get us started.

To help clarify this I've put together a laundry list of
possible parts that are required to support a EML 4.0
based process.  Components would therefore include
test suite tools, processing tools, security and 
database storage / handling tools.

The thumb sketch of the processing parts is:

1) LOADER - transfers EML 440 records from media and inserts them into
    database, or secure storage area, creates or reads EML 460.
    Creates EML 480 access audit entry.

2) READER - loops thru EML 440 records in storage area.

    a) opens record and verifies digital signature
    b) extracts voting information from 440
    c) updates ballot totals
    d) writes access audit entry EML 480

3) PUBLISH - creates EML 510 election result record in XML.

4) DISPLAY- outputs EML 520 details to printer / screen, etc
    in language of choice.

5) TESTER - checks EML formats for valid content. (Thought - 
     we may be able to build CAM xml scripts for a bunch of this -
     but any digital signature / certificate handling would need to
     be added to the existing jCAM tool...)

If people could volunteer here what they may be interested
in contributing toward - or things I've missed from the list - that
would be much appreciated.

Thanks, DW

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