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Subject: Initial draft of version 3.0 of OASIS CIQ TC Specifications are now available for review

Election Services TC,

Initial draft specifications (version 3.0) of CIQ TC have been
released today for review by the TC. Please feel free to download the
specs. and provide us with feedback. The link to download the specs.


Ram Kumar

On 7/6/05, Borras, John <John.Borras@legsb.gov.uk> wrote:
> We have discussed at the last couple of TC meetings the possibility of
> advancing EML from its current status of a Committee Draft to a full OASIS
> Standard and possibly eventually to an ISO standard.  To do that there are a
> number of steps we have to take.
> 1.  First we have to move from our current Committee Draft status to
> Committee Specification.  This initially requires a full public review of
> the draft and we need a TC vote to undertake that step. Any comments
> received from the public review have to be addressed before there is a
> further TC vote to move it to a Committee Specification.  
> 2.  Following 1. above we can then vote to go to full OASIS Standard.  The
> Committee Spec is then put to vote by the entire OASIS membership and we
> require a 15% vote in favour to achieve the full Standard status.
> 3.  We can then use the OASIS/ISO liaison to advance the Standard into ISO.
> So first things first, we need to do 1 above and I'll set up that vote later
> today so please watch out for the notification and vote.
> John
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