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Subject: RE: Candidate statements

OK - I will go first here.
Thanks, DW
Brief Candidate BioSketch and Vision:
I have been an active participant in OASIS for the past 8 years, including chairing the OASIS CAM TC work and working as editor for several specifications.
Similarly I have worked with XML since its inception in 1997 and taught and presented both here in the USA and internationally on its use and applicability in a complete range of domains for commercial entities and governments.   I have over 25 years industry experience in delivering business software solutions in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.
I was VP Business Development for 4 years for XMLGlobal and so I am very familiar with what it takes to not only create technology and standards but also see them adopted and used in the real world.  It was just immensely satisfying for me to see this month the formal announcement that the software that XMLGlobal originally built is now being used by Norway to handle over 2 millions health insurance card transactions for its citizens this past year alone. 
Recently I have been involved in the HAVA/NIST process on voting specifications and standards, including promoting the use of OASIS EML there and actually taking OASIS EML and developing working forms for use in US election ballots this coming November.  This includes the use of open source to provide a public platform for the adoption of EML.  To that end I co-founded a corporate entity - Open Voting Solutions Inc - which is focused on assisting voting authorities use open source and open public specifications combined with off-the-shelf hardware to deploy election solutions. 
I see that the OASIS EML is very much at an emerging point right now - we have a mature specification with some adoption and implementation occurring.  We have a strong and capable EML TC membership.  However the challenge is how to reach to the next level? 
An OASIS TC Chair continually faces these challenges - to not only facilitate the development and enhancement of the technical work, but also to create outreach materials, and to promote the use of the specifications and to verify the business use model for adopters.  Understanding how to leverage the internet to bring more attention to our work is also a key need - and I have extensive experience in promoting technology online and using all those tools to effect.  
A further need is to instruct and help people understand how eVoting can be successfully and securely deployed and the essential benefits and mutual trust to societies that this can foster and deliver.
Finding adoption communities is probably the biggest challenge I see for the OASIS EML work, building up that community of practice and evolving into a healthy and thriving globally available solution. 
If elected as TC Chair I will strive to use my experience and know-how to help facilitate that with your help and support. 
Thanks,  David RR Webber
 http://drrw.net  / http://openvotingsolutions.net

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Subject: Candidate statements
From: "Mary McRae" <mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org>
Date: Mon, March 27, 2006 2:34 pm
To: <charbel.aoun@accenture.com>, <david@drrw.info>,
Cc: <mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org>

Hi everyone,
  I've received a couple of emails from TC members asking for more information about each of the candidates - feel free to post a short note about your background, experience, etc. to the list.

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