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Subject: RE: [election-services] Candidate statement - Roy Hill

Hi everyone




First of all my apologies for not completing this earlier but have been really caught up with election preparations for the May 2006 elections and ensuring that everything is ready and in order.


It is really a pleasure to submit my candidate statement for the position of EML TC chair.  I have been actively involved in the EML TC since the end of 2001 and have been actively working with John Borras, and others, helping to develop the EML to a standard that would be both acceptable and workable in future developments.


I have worked in the election sector for more than 30 years and have been keen to ensure that the true sense of Interoperability is encompassed in the EML standards.  Within the TC we have paid careful attention to ensure that we are developing a system that recognises localised election requirements whilst at the same genuinely works to standards of real compatibility.


As the Technical Director of OPT2Vote Ltd I have ensured that all development projects, at all levels, work towards total EML integration.  We have ensured that all of our program developments have complied with current EML standards and that through this experience we have been able to offer constructive and meaningful demonstrations of what will and will not work.  In addition I believe that it is important to ensure that we use common and acceptable election language within EML to encourage future co-operation and acceptance of the wider international election market.


During the continuing programme of Electoral Modernisation in the UK, and the piloting of new innovations and ideas, I have been part of the development plans and this has assisted me in my role within the TC which in turn has helped to ensure that the schemas and structures take account of future and developing needs.


If elected chair I would like to ensure that the TC continues to work towards total EML integration and to the achievement of an ISO standard.  I believe that the wider use of EML will help to encourage wider democratic involvement and participation across the international electoral sector.  With this in mind the TC has  worked to ensure that the EML standard is open and transparent and that it will work for all forms of voting types and systems.


Throughout the time I have been involved in the TC I have valued the work of everyone who has been involved and the determination of all to eventually achieve the widest possible acceptance and OASIS accreditation.  I am committed to continuing to support the work of OASIS and the work of the EML TC.


Thank you.




Roy Hill

Technical, Research and Innovation Director



Tel:       +44 (0) 28 7137 1111

Fax:      +44 (0) 28 7137 8869

Mob:     +44 (0) 7801 290608  


Web:   http://www.opt2vote.com

Email: rhill@opt2vote.com


All opinions expressed are my own.

All emails have been scanned with Norton Antivirus






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