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Subject: Re: [election-services] Ballot for Chair

I would like to echo the sentiments expressed by Paul and David earlier.  I think that John was an excellent chair before his (short) sabbatical and if he is ready, willing and able to continue a way should be found to let him!



Paul Spencer wrote:
John stepping back in obviously complicates the issue, and I don't what the OASIS rules are. In this case, I think he should be allowed to stand since he has already undertaken the role, is willing to do it again and is not aligned to any organisation providing election services, but is being sponsored by a part of the UK Government concerned with elections. At least one of the candidates appears to agree (although I'm not sure what he is on today). Perhaps the others will agree and we can avoid an election.
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Subject: [election-services] Ballot for Chair

To all TC Members:
  The ballot held for chair was inconclusive; that is, no candidate received the requisite 51% to be declared the winner. The TC now has a number of options available to it. I think consensus can most likely be reached on the list and then we can move forward.
1) We can hold a run-off election with the top two vote-getters, or
2) One or more candidates may choose to join forces and run as chair/co-chair
  There's also a new development - John Borras is now back with the TC and is willing to step back into the role of chair. In any case, we need to get someone in the role of chair, and possibly co-chair, as quickly as possible so the TC can continue to move forward with their work.
  We can either discuss on the list or arrange a teleconference - if you would like to have an informal meeting just let me know the date/time and I'll make sure to clear my calendar.

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