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election-services message

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Please find below details for the TC meeeting on 6 June.
1. Meeting Details

Meeting Location:  Oracle Offices, 6th Floor, One South Place, London, EC2M 2RB. 

Directions at  www.oracle.com/global/uk/corporate/locations/city.html 


Meeting Organiser:  Bruce Elton, Oracle.
Dial-in Details:
Phone No:  +44 (0) 118 924 9000
Meeting Id:  108982
Meeting Passcode:  131313
Time:  15.00 BST, 16.00 CET, 10.00 EST, 7.00 PST
Duration:  2 hours max
2.  Agenda
1.  Actions from last meeting
2.  The new OASIS IPR Policy
3.  EML v5 - review of proposed updates
4.  Implementation Guide and Case Studies
5.  IEEE 1622 liaison
6.  Adoption opportunities
7.  Any Other Business
8.  Date of next meeting
If anybody has any other items for the agenda will they please let me know asap.
3.  Outstanding Actions from last meeting
The following are still outstanding from the last meeting.  Could the respective owners endeavour to complete the actions before 6 June please.
- All Suppliers to review with their legal departments which of the new IPR modes is appropriate for the TC.
Joseph Hall to provide evidence of vote-casting technology needs.
Johan Terryn to provide Flemish ballot forms and schema extensions.
- David Webber to draft note on Trusted Logic Process for Implementation Guide.
- All to comment on my draft Implementation Guide.
Any problems please ring me.
M. +44 (0)7976 157745

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