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Subject: RE: [election-services] WOTE 2006 CONFERENCE

I was sure John and I could be questioned on how open standards provide for better accreditation of voting systems.
BTW - just as a point of reference to how major the need is and how bad the situation currently is - here in the USA - our good at friends Diebold just persuaded Maryland that their ePollBook system is fine - based on the accreditation services of someone who has a degree in hotel management and just setup an accreditation company because nothing says he cannot do that!!!
How special.
Lamone Finds a Firm that will approve Diebold paperless voting
in so-called ‘security review’
The SBE has announced that they will be giving a no-bid contract Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group, Inc. to test Maryland’s voting system for the latest round of security vulnerabilities that have been exposed regarding Diebold’s TSX machines.
TrueVoteMD is concerned that the SBE has hired a firm that includes Paul Craft as a principle –rather than a firm that has been a critic of the system – or at least someone who has not shown a bias in favor of Diebold.
The firm, Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group, Inc., was created by former Florida elections official Paul Craft. Mr. Craft who has been a professional apologist for the Diebold system since its initial contracts were signed by the State of Maryland -
Paul Craft: Bias in favor of Diebold, paperless voting; an advocate for manufacturers, and tied to the infamous Florida voter purge
Mr. Craft has consistently blocked proposed security measures, in regards to paper trails. A report on an Election Assistance Commission (EAC) meeting describes his open alliance with manufacturers of voting equipment:
Paul Craft, another member of the committee, then suggested that they hear from the vendor engineers who were in the audience to see what they would do about the proposed standards. At this point, Dr. Semerjian, the chairman of the committee and the Director of NIST, said that the TGDC is not in existence to approve existing voting systems, nor rubber stamp state decisions. The committee then went on a break.
Upon return from the break Paul Craft announced that he had talked to the vendors and that they did not like some of the standards. A vote was then held and those standards were deleted.
Source:  http://www.votetrustusa.org/blogs/nist&tdgc.htm
Another example is a January 28, 2005 letter by Fernando Morales to the entitled: Paul Craft’s Questionable Behavior.  The letter claims that Paul Craft has consistently watered down security measures in favor of the machine manufacturers rather then take the warning of security experts into consideration.  See: http://vote.nist.gov/ecposstatements/morelascraftcomment.pdf#search='paul%20craft%27s%20questionable%20behavior'
-  Further, reports link him to the controversial Voter Roll Purge in Florida in 2000 and 2004.  Vanity Fair reports that in 2000 Paul Craft was told about how the purge would adversely affect minorities in Florida yet did nothing to stop the purge from occurring, despite being in a position where he could do so. See: http://www.makethemaccountable.com/articles/The_Path_To_Florida.htm
-          Paul Craft is not a qualified security analyst; his degree is in Hotel Management.
His full resume can be found at: http://web.archive.org/web/20050308061207/paulcraft.net/resume.html

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Subject: [election-services]  WOTE 2006 CONFERENCE
From: "John Ross" <ross@secstan.com>
Date: Fri, June 02, 2006 6:27 am
To: "'EML TC'" <election-services@lists.oasis-open.org>

Attached is a paper I have submitted to the WOTE conference, it covers the need for an  accreditation framework for electoral systems, such a framework could be used for assessing and certifying both the security and  EML conformance aspects. It complements John Borras’s paper on EML by illustrating how trust can be built into systems which support EML and how open interfaces conforming to EML would be an implicit part of such an accreditation framework. Any comments are welcome.



John Ross

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