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We discussed the proposal for running one or more Interoperability Tests at the TC meeting yesterday.  The procedures for running these tests are detailed on the OASIS website under Events.  They have proved to be very valuable in the past and enabled TCs to promote and showcase their work.  Dee will let us have the names of some previous participants so you can find out first-hand what's involved.  As she said they are not meant to be a sales pitch but clearly the spin-off can lead to new business opportunities.  These tests do require effort and resource to run but it would be a great opportunity for us to raise the visibility of EML, especially if as I hope and expect we have EML approved as an ISO standard by then.
As I said yesterday I believe we need to think about two events, both later this year, one in the USA and one in Europe. 
For the USA event we should look to link up with IEEE and NIST to demonstrate how EML can provide a trustworthy environment for the use of DRE kit.  This is very topical at the moment and if we could solve some or all of the problems for them it could lead to a significant endorsement for us by NIST.
In Europe we have the choice of replicating the DRE event as use of these machines is a concern particularly in Holland following their recent elections.  Alternatively we could focus on the use of the Internet to support casting of the vote.  This is still an area of scepticism but using the experiences of the e-voting pilots in UK, we could show how EML can support on-line voting.  We might also be able to link up with the e-Poll project to demonstrate EML supporting their objectives.
So lots of opportunities but it does require the support and commitment of TC members, particularly the suppliers.  So can you please give this serious consideration, discuss with your marketing folks, and respond via the mail list with thoughts/proposals etc.  If we can agree on the nature and scope of some events then Dee will guide us through the formalities of getting them organised.
M. +44 (0)7976 157745

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