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Subject: Moving Forward with EML v5.0

Hi John,
  I just wanted to point out the following rules in the TC Process. Please note that it is up to the Technical Committee to determine whether or not changes are substantive.
(gg) "Substantive Change" is a change to a specification that would require a compliant application or implementation to be modified or rewritten in order to remain compliant.
and from Section 3.2 of the TC Process:
If Substantive Changes are made to the specification after the public review, whether as a result of public review comments or from TC Member input, then the TC must conduct another review cycle. The specification may not be considered for approval by the TC as a Committee Specification until it has undergone a review cycle during which it has received no comments that result in Substantive Changes to the specification.
Should the TC determine that any changes are substantive and a second public review is required, that any secondary review is limited to just those changes made (must supply a red-lined or change-marked copy of the spec) and is for a minimum of 15 days.
If they are in agreement that the changes are non-substantive, then we can move forward with a Special Majority ballot to approve the revised public review draft as a Committee Specification.

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