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Subject: Query about EML Status?

Hi all, I received a query about EML (below) from a colleague... I
figured the members of this list would be best positioned to answer
his questions.  Please CC Justin ( <justin@cs.duke.edu> ) on any
replies. best, Joe

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From: Justin Moore <justin@cs.duke.edu>
Date: Nov 26, 2007 11:16 AM
Subject: EML Status?


What is the current status of Election Markup Language (EML) adoption
among the vendors, states, and municipalities?  There's a page on the
CA SoS site where it mentions that some 2008 results will be exported
in EML format, and I saw that NIST mentioned/recommended its use as
part of some standards.  I also found a few references to it in P1622
list archives.  So

1) Which vendors support EML, and to what degree (which products,
jurisdictions, etc)?

2) Is the standard gaining support among vendors, election officials,
and the voting-system-aware public?


Joseph Lorenzo Hall
UC Berkeley School of Information

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