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Subject: RE: [election-services] Fw: TR: E-voting: Fichier de résultats en EML


The messages looks pretty good. A couple of points to note:

1. EML/@Id should contain a value such as "110" and "460" to identify the
message type to the receiving system.

2. If you like, each Description can contain multiple Message elements, each
with a Lang attribute. This seems especially relevant in Switzerland.

In terms of the specific questions:

1. Both sets of identifiers look fine. It is really up to the organiser of
the election to decide what identifiers they want.

2. I have not done a full check of the messages, but I think they could be
considered as "a first version of valid and correct eml files".


Paul Spencer
Boynings Consulting Ltd

-----Original Message-----
From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 03 December 2007 09:40
Subject: [election-services] Fw: TR: E-voting: Fichier de résultats en EML

Could someone provide me with the answers  to the questions below from
contacts in Switzerland.

It's good to see that the use of EML is spreading but it does leave us with
the problem of responding to enquiries like this.  A topic for discussion at
tomorrow's TC meeting.


M. +44 (0)7976 157745
Skype: gov3john

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Warynski Michel (CHA) <michel.warynski@etat.ge.ch>
To: John.Borras@e-Envoy.gsi.gov.uk
Cc: Acevedo Manuel (DCTI) <manuel.acevedo@etat.ge.ch>
Sent: Friday, 30 November, 2007 5:34:11 PM
Subject: TR: E-voting: Fichier de résultats en EML

Hello John,
We are trying to implement EML in our e-voting system. We first start with
the output of the e-voting system (schema 460).
Here is the result with some questions of my colleagues.
Can you tell is if we are on the good track and help us going further ?
If you are not any longer involved in this subject, could you tell me whith
whom I should work that on.
Best regards
Michel Warynski
De :    Steiner Jean-Luc (DCTI)
Envoyé :        vendredi, 16. novembre 2007 17:15
À :     Acevedo Manuel (DCTI)
Objet : EML
Dear sir,
We have been trying to improve our system with the eml standard. In simple
terms, we try to:
Generate an eml output file for our e-voting system containing all the
casted votes of a referendum.
In this first iteration, we are trying to generate the simplest set of
Let's assume the following referendum operation:
(I'm sorry the questions are in french, but I thought it was interesting to
use a real world example that has already happened in Geneva)
17 juin 2007
Votation fédérale (1 question)
Fed-Q1 : Acceptez-vous la modification du 6 octobre 2006 de la loi fédérale
sur l'assurance-invalidité (5e révision de l'AI) ?
Votation cantonale (2 questions)
GE-Q1 : Acceptez-vous la loi constitutionnelle modifiant la constitution de
la République et canton de Genève (Propriété et responsabilité des Services
industriels de Genève), du 25 janvier 2007 (A 2 00 - 9825) ?
GE-Q2 : Acceptez-vous la loi d'aliénation et d'investissement découlant
d'opérations de transfert d'actifs entre l'Etat de Genève et l'Aéroport
International de Genève, du 16 novembre 2006 (9827) ?
Votation locale
Meyrin  (1 question) (Meyrin is a city in geneva canton)
Meyrin-Q1 : Acceptez vous le trajet gouvernemental du tram?
Hereafter, you will find our best effort files:
Eml_ElectionEvent_V1.xml is generated in advance and essentially links the
election/contest ids with the official question formulation.

 The Eml_Votes_V1.xml is the e-voting output containing the casted votes,
ready to be counted.
We have several questions about these files. Essentially regarding the
choice of the ids.
 - Are the ids of the ElectionIdentifiers optimal ?
 - Are the ids of the ContestIdentifier optimal ?
 - Could these results be considered as a first version of valid and correct
eml files ?
Best regards
Manuel Acevedo

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