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Subject: Re: [election-services] Fw: EML : USA INTEROP DEMO

On Dec 17, 2007 9:00 AM, Zelechoski, Peter <pzelechoski@essvote.com> wrote:
> The wording on all 3 look fine from the US usage, except for Ballot 1's
> reference to DRE.  The DRE term refers to lots of things; kiosk devices are
> ne type of DRE.  Touch screen devices, regardless of location, are what most
> people associate with DRE.  I would suggest changing that option to either
> just DRE or to split it to say Kiosk based Touch Screen and another that
> says Polling Location Touch Screen.

I'd disagree here... Hart, for example, makes a DRE that is not based
on touchscreen technology.  Howabout something more generic like
"Electronic Voting Machine"?

Also, in ballot 2, it's unclear to whom the paper printout is being
provided... that is, is this question intended to measure whether
people want to have a "receipt" that they could take home (which would
be against the law here) or want to have the machine produce an
independent audit trail?  best, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
UC Berkeley School of Information

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