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Title: Lori J


I’m more than happy to go back to my contact at NASED with a more forceful request for a decision. Lori makes some good points about possibly exhibiting at NASS even if we do not get an official presentation slot at NASED, which is still an option, until 11 January. Remember, there will be associated costs (electricity, pipe and drape, printing, storage of devices, security, etc.) and our space is limited to 8x10 feet. Can we simulate the use of various devices for balloting remotely? That way avoiding storage and security costs, just a thought.




From: Lori Steele [mailto:lori@everyonecounts.com]
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2007 10:25 AM
To: John Borras
Cc: EML TC; Dee Schur; Stuart Harrington


Hi, John.

Your points all make sense.  One thing to consider is that the NASS folks truly are the best delegates to attract, as Secretaries of State are in charge of elections in the vast majority of US states.  The State Election Directors (NASED) work for the Secretaries, so are very important, as well.  Both interact with the Election Assistance Commission on things like standards, and folks from the EAC and their committees will surely be at this event in February.  Our experience is also that if the Secretaries are interested in what they see, they send the Election Directors over.  And the definitely mingle in the same areas at this conference.

So my recommendation is that - assuming there is enough planning and implementation time - to be there to provide the demo.  As you said, being prepared to present something properly - that will be of interest to the delegates - is the most important thing...


Lori J. Steele
Chief Executive Officer
Everyone Counts, Inc.

858.427.4673     1804 Garnet Avenue, #408
866.843.4668     San Diego, CA 92109

John Borras wrote:

Despite the valiant efforts of Dee we still have had no response from the NASED conference organisers to our request to run the Demo at their event.  So we are reaching a crunch point when we will need to decide what to do, not least because most of us will have  flights and hotels to book.  I have provisionally set a telecon to discuss all this next Friday 4th Jan but it would be useful to get some early thoughts from you before then if possible.  Depending on views we can go ahead with the telecon or cancel it.


Just to remind you all, NASS (Nat Assoc of State Senators) and NASED (Nat Assoc of State Election Directors) hold a joint event but run separate conferences.  Delegates intermingle between sessions and there is a joint session on the last day.  NASS have a demo area and have offered us a slot there to run the Demo but no conference presentation time.  NASED have not offered anything, yet.


It seems to me we have the following options:


1.  Abandon the demo at this event and look for other opportunities.  Both groups have summer conferences so we could postpone until then or look for other opportunities in the Spring.

2.  Go ahead with the NASS offering albeit it's not the best group of delegates to attract, and hence might not get a lot of interest, although we might get some NASED people drifting in.  Also we would not be able to present the results to the conference but can post them on websites afterwards.

3.  Forget the whole idea.


Dee no doubt will continue to press NASED but she must give them an ultimatum very soon.


I've given you my opinions on this demo in previous e-mails, ie we need maximum  preparation time and commitment for this one in view of the complexities required.  I do not believe we should cut corners and do a last minute rush job.  So if we cannot do the proper planning and preparation then we should not go ahead.


Your views on all of this would be appreciated and also whether the telecon on Friday is necessary.


Wishing you all a very happy and successful New Year.




M. +44 (0)7976 157745
Skype: gov3john



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