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Subject: Re: Where is EML required and used?

Great news to hear of your contacts with USA suppliers and their willingness to go with EML.  Just wish they would join my committee to help its development and adoption.
As you'll be aware most jurisdictions are taking a very cautious approach to e-voting for a variety of reasons and thus there are not a lot of actual citations to point to.  You'll find at Appendix C in the attached document the list of the major implementations that we know of.  In addition to this list I do know that several other suppliers, particularly across Europe, are now embedding EML in their products.  This is probably because of the Council of Europe Recommendation, which we see as the most significant endorsement of EML to date.  So adoption of EML is a slow process that can only go as fast as election officials want to go with their e-voting plans.
As far as I know the Netherlands have taken a step back on e-voting following some unsatisfactory experiences with DRE kit.
I'm copying in my colleagues on the EML committee as they may be able to provide additional information about implementations.
The other major point that should help your case is our current activity of getting EML endorsed as an ISO standard.  Talks are in progress as we speak and we are expecting to use the OASIS/ISO liaison agreement to fast track it through the ISO approval process.  Getting EML endorsed as an ISO standard should surely carry significant weight in the EAC's deliberations.
I look forward to reading your draft report.

M. +44 (0)7976 157745
Skype: gov3john

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From: John McCarthy <john@verifiedvoting.org>
To: John Borras <johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Wednesday, 16 April, 2008 5:49:10 PM
Subject: Where is EML required and used?

Hi John,

For the white paper I'm putting together urging requirement of EML
in the U.S. EAC's  2007 VVSG, I'd like to be able to cite current countries
or other election jurisdictions where EML is now required or used.

Several items are cited on the TC web page at
but I was hoping there might now be others as well.

I thought I heard that EML was used in the Netherlands, and is now required
or is being considered for future requirement in the UK and EU.
Election Markup Language (EML) Recommended to Member States by Council of Europe
seems a bit dated (2004!).

Any other URL's or other citations you could provide would be most appreciated.

I'm also glad to report that I've had excellent conversations with Ian Piper at
Premier (Diebold) as well as Peter Z. at ESS and have been exchanging email with
Neal McClure at Hart Intercivic (which may be acquiring Sequoia), and it sounds
like the vendors would LIKE to have EML required as part of the EAC's new VVSG.

Now I'm trying to figure out how we can try to help make that happen.
Suggestions welcome.

I hope to send you a draft of the paper later today.


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The Case for EML v2.pdf

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