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Subject: Re: [election-services] EML TOP REASONS DOCUMENT - FINAL APPROVAL


The document is polished and very appealing.  Here are some typographical checks and minor text changes that might be considered:
  1. Page 2, the "As an Election Administrator" heading appears to be in a larger font than the other headings on the same page.
  2. Page 2, the 3rd bullet under "As an Election Manager" uses a different font for the last two letters of the last word ("solution").
  3. Page 3, heading 1 can be shortened to "Verifiable Elections and Referendums".
  4. Page 3, heading 1, bullet 3, might read, "Allows end-to-end implementation of audit and control mechanisms".
  5. Page 3, heading 3, can be shortened to "Supports Paper and Electronic Ballots".
  6. Page 3, heading 4, bullet 1 should be split into 2 bullets at the semi-colon.  


John Borras <johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk>

11/30/2008 05:52 AM

EML TC <election-services@lists.oasis-open.org>
Carol Geyer <carol.geyer@oasis-open.org>

Following some very good design work by David W we've now come up the attached as the final version of the Top Reasons document.  The text is as per the last round of discussions; all that's changed now is the layout and presentation.
We've debated this at length over the last few weeks and therefore I don't see the need to hold a formal ballot to approve it's publication. So unless I hear any objections by the end of this week, ie by 5th December, I'll go ahead and publish it on the TC website and other OASIS outlets.  I hope you will also send it to your contacts.
Thanks to all for the input, I think we now have a very good publicity document that will help sell our message.


M. +44 (0)7976 157745
Skype: gov3john

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