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Subject: Re: [election-services] Fw: EML and ranked-choice elections

John and David,

>Election administration is difficult due to the dizzying variety of special rules and constraints imposed by the client organization.  Customization is required in nearly all cases, and the above point is just one >example.  The architecture of EML is quite restrictive in nature, making it very difficult to conform to.  It could, at least, make much more generous use of the "any" elements.  I need EML to be a true language, >and not just a rigid and steeply hierarchical data structure - that is, with a vocabulary and some rules of grammar for assembling simple elements into more complex structures that a standards committee will not >be able to anticipate or keep up with.  If this were the case, I think EML could be much more widely applicable.  I think this is possible to achieve in an XML schema, but I think it would require a change in >course.

The change in course suggested above by Dave Robinson may or may not be practical, but it's probably worth hearing out if for no other reason than Dave is an actual EML user.  Maybe Dave would be willing to take an existing EML schema as an example and show how it could be refactored to increase its modularity and flexibility.  When would then have something concrete to discuss.


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