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Subject: Fw: [Fwd: VVSG v.1.1 documents]

For information and review please.  Can I suggest we put in a single response from the TC so if you would let me have your comments, say by the end of June, I'll co-ordinate them and send in our response.  

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From: P.Gannon <pgannon@gmail.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, 2 June, 2009 2:39:21
Subject: [Fwd: VVSG v.1.1 documents]


You may want to forward this notice and attached documents to the OASIS E&VS TC for the 120 public comment period on the US Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) version 1.1.

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Subject: VVSG v.1.1 documents
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 15:15:09 -0400
From: ddavidson@eac.gov
To: patrick.gallagher@nist.gov, rragsdale@broomfield.org, hpurcell@risc.maricopa.gov, llamone@elections.state.md.us, rgardner@nfb.org, baquis@access-board.gov, pjenkins@us.ibm.com, baquis@access-board.gov, daw@cs.berkeley.edu, kaner@kaner.com, britw@bellsouth.net, PMiller@secstate.wa.gov, pgannon@gmail.com, whitneyq@wqusability.com, rivest@mit.edu, schutzerd@citigroup.com

June 1, 2009

Technical Guidelines Development Committee Members,

I wanted to write and notify you of the Election Assistance Commission’s (EAC) official submission of Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) version 1.1 for review and comment by the Standards Board and Board of Advisors per section 222 of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). The attached document represents the EAC’s purposed revision to the 2005 VVSG (v1.0.). The submission of the EAC’s purposed amendments to the VVSG to the Executive Board of the Standards Board and to the EAC’s Board of Advisors marks the opening of the official public comment period for VVSG v. 1.1. This comment period will run for 120 days and will conclude on September 28th, 2009.  At the conclusion of the 120-day public comment period, the EAC and NIST will review the comments received on VVSG v.1.1, and will issue the revised guidelines in late 2009.

Why the revision is needed
The guidelines are being revised to improve the quality and efficiency of testing performed under the EAC testing and certification program by including new software development and testing protocols and practices. This includes the development of uniform test suites by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This revision will also clarify several ambiguities in the standard, providing test labs and voting system manufacturers with a clearer sense of performance and test requirements for EAC certification.

The proposed revisions are largely informed by the work done by you the TGDC, when you issued your recommendations for the next iteration of the VVSG, and the thousands of public comments on the recommendations that the EAC received. The EAC also held seven roundtable discussions with groups of stakeholders to gather additional information on the recommendations.

By revising the guidelines now, the EAC expects to improve the test process over the short term while allowing additional time to develop more complex revisions to be included in the second complete iteration of the guidelines, the VVSG version 2.0 (TGDC Recommendations, August 31st, 2007).

Areas to be revised
The EAC and NIST selected the revisions based on their ability to yield immediate and marked improvements to the test process and be implemented with relative ease. Moreover, the revisions do not require any hardware changes or significant software changes to existing systems, and can be adopted without extended research.

The proposed revisions are to usability and accessibility, security, and core areas such as software workmanship. Following is a complete list of the areas to be revised:
Hardware and software performance benchmarks and test method
Software workmanship
Test plan and test report
TDP and voting equipment user documentation
Non-EMC environmental hardware
Human factors requirements
System security documentation requirements
Election records
Voter verified paper audit trails (VVPAT)
External interface requirement
EAC requests for interpretation (RFI) decisions
General edits

I want to encourage you to please review and comment on the purposed revisions.  As I mentioned above, many of the revisions come as a result of your effort in creating the TGDC recommendations for the Next Iteration and your comments will prove invaluable as the EAC works to complete this work prior to the end of 2009.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  Thank you.

Donetta L. Davidson
United States Election Assistance Commission
1225 New York Avenue, NW
Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 566-3100
(202) 566-1392 (fax)


VVSG Version 1-1 Volume 2 - 20090527.pdf

VVSG Version 1-1 Volume 1 - 20090527.pdf

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