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Subject: RE: [election-services] See attached EAC survey - how does EML relate?

We see these items as requirements for information to be captured by our Voter Registration system and reported to the jurisdiction.  Many are elements (attributes) we support, some are derived information.
The survey itself is an invention of the consumer -- the EAC.  I have not previously seen this particular one.  The user being a single entity, and requiring a lot of comments from the jurisdiction manager, it is a form not a produced report from a system and, as such, we don't create it nor do we use EML to gather it.

From: David RR Webber (XML) [mailto:david@drrw.info]
Sent: 2009-07-28 4:58 PM
To: eml
Subject: [election-services] See attached EAC survey - how does EML relate?

Has anyone encountered this type of reporting - and how has EML helped in delivering these kind of election management facing reporting needs?

I can see how some of this can be distilled from EML records - but I'd be interested in see what experiences folks have out there already?

This may be something we could put on the wishes list for V7... but we would want something less US-centric - more able to adapt globally.

Generally this falls under "Quality Control" and accessing how well and election process is running.  Although as with any survey - its asking
questions to get the results it wants to hear!!!

Thanks, DW

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