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Subject: End to End election processing with EML V6.0

I would suggest that in response to NIST overall - the notion that EML supports end-to-end election management and processing is critical.  E2E has become (as in many other sectors of our industry) the benchmark.

Previously our material really has failed to make the compelling case - not because EML cannot do this - the reverse - I'd argue EML's great strength has always been an E2E perspective.  However we never made this story clear from the business context.  As engineers - focus has been on capability details - what each instrument does - rather than what the orchestra does.

However - now we have the EML brochure - we can obviously point to that as well - for people to see the big picture.

Plus - we need to start selling how much easier V6 is to build US solutions - and the capabilities there for integrates.
Thanks, DW

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