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Subject: EML v6.0 - TC CALL

Thanks to the considerable efforts of David we now have the v6.0 package ready for TC review and approval.   There are two folders/files on the TC website to review:
Specification document
Schemas etc
I'd like to have a TC call asap to review all this prior to the formal approval vote.  But given that we are still in the holiday season plus the fact that there are some significant changes in this set of documents from the v5.0 set and you will need some time to digest them all, I guess we need to allow a couple of weeks at least, so how about 3rd or 4th September for a call?  Please let me know if either of these days are inconvenient and if so when thereafter would be convenient for you. 
Just to remind you that the sooner we can get this version through the OASIS approval processes then the sooner we can get it to ISO which is the goal.  So holding this TC call without undue delay is the first step on that path.

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