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Subject: OASIS EML and CA SoS white paper for NIST - draft


Attached is my cut at this.  If this looks good - then I plan to submit this on Tuesday if everyone feels it is statisfactory.

I'm also planning two more papers of similar length and level - that I'll probably just submit individually.  One on the EML 150 providing more technical details on what it can do - very slick map rendering possible there - and of course USA wide standard election districts (wow!). And then other on the use of templates and tools to accelerate use of OASIS EML v6.0 - the dictionary, the architecture and schema approach and the overall adaptability. Also how this applies to the work being done for NIEM.gov - as this I believe is important here.  I'm sensing NIST listening to general push back of "we don't want something too restrictive - we're still learning and changing".  Guess what folks - you will NEVER get standardization if you let that story play on! Whole areas of election records MUST be standard - you can't have 80% - has to be 100% - otherwise the lawyers have a field day.  The NIEM approach is to provide coordination and direction to avoid that.  NIST needs to learn from that.

Enough soap box on that.
Enjoy, DW

OASIS EML 530 Case Study.doc

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