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Subject: FW: EML v6.0 - TC CALL 3 SEPTEMBER

Please find below the dial-in numbers for our TC call on Thursday.  Note these numbers are not for publication to any mailing lists apart from OASIS ones.
The agenda for the meeting is fairly simple consisting of a review of the v6 documents that David and I have prepared, and these are noted below also.
Following this meeting and the resolution of any issues I will be calling for a vote to approve v6 as a Committee Specification so this will be your last chance to raise questions on the draft documents.  I would also point out that your voting rights depend on your regular attendance on TC calls so please do your best to attend.


Conference code: 6411048

 US Reservationless-Plus l Dial-In Number:  7024951940

Local Dial-In Numbers Dial-In #

Australia Sydney   -  Dial-in #  282239772 

Austria Graz   -  Dial-in #  0316918082 

Austria Vienna   -  Dial-in #  019281054 

Belgium Antwerp   -  Dial-in #  034000342
Belgium Brussels  -  Dial-in #  024003532 

Denmark Copenhagen   -  Dial-in #  032714408 

Finland Helsinki   -  Dial-in #  358972519303 

France Lyon  -  Dial-in #  0426030058 

France Marseille  -  Dial-in #  0486060052 

France Paris   -  Dial-in #  0170807172 

France Toulouse  -  Dial-in #  0567804144 

Germany Berlin  -  Dial-in #  030726167392 

Germany Frankfurt  -  Dial-in #  06922224727 

Germany Hamburg   -  Dial-in #  040809020733 

Germany Munich   -  Dial-in #  089244432932

Ireland Dublin   -  Dial-in #  012475623 

Italy Milan   -  Dial-in #  0236019675 

Italy Rome   -  Dial-in #  0645217101 

Japan Tokyo   -  Dial-in #  357674017 

Korea (South) Seoul   -  Dial-in #  0234837041

Netherlands Amsterdam   -  Dial-in #  0207075553 

Netherlands Rotterdam   -  Dial-in #  0107114887 

Portugal Lisbon  -  Dial-in #  01211201020 

Singapore Singapore   -  Dial-in #  66221022 

Spain  Barcelona   -  Dial-in #  0934923465 

Spain Madrid   -  Dial-in #  914142522 

Sweden Stockholm   -  Dial-in #  0856619471 

Switzerland  Geneva   -  Dial-in #  0225803302 

Switzerland Zurich   -  Dial-in #  0445801757 

United Kingdom London   -  Dial-in #  02031070237


From: John Borras [John@pensive.eu]
Sent: 20 August 2009 08:46
To: election-services@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [election-services] RE: EML v6.0 - TC CALL

Thanks for the quick responses.  It appears that 3rd September suits most people so we'll go for that.   Time of the call will be 15.00 UK, 16.00 CEST, 10.00 EDT and 7.00 PDT. 
I'll let you know the call number in due course. 

From: John Borras [John@pensive.eu]
Sent: 18 August 2009 11:25
To: election-services@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [election-services] EML v6.0 - TC CALL

Thanks to the considerable efforts of David we now have the v6.0 package ready for TC review and approval.   There are two folders/files on the TC website to review:
Specification document
Schemas etc
I'd like to have a TC call asap to review all this prior to the formal approval vote.  But given that we are still in the holiday season plus the fact that there are some significant changes in this set of documents from the v5.0 set and you will need some time to digest them all, I guess we need to allow a couple of weeks at least, so how about 3rd or 4th September for a call?  Please let me know if either of these days are inconvenient and if so when thereafter would be convenient for you. 
Just to remind you that the sooner we can get this version through the OASIS approval processes then the sooner we can get it to ISO which is the goal.  So holding this TC call without undue delay is the first step on that path.

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