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One of the requests received in the Public Review process was the need for a data model to support v6.  This request also came out very strongly in the NIST workshop before Christmas.  So to meet this I have produced the attached set of models.  I propose to revise the Spec Doc to include the top-level model, see Part 3.3 doc attached, and then make available the zip file containing all the lower-level models to compliment and supplement the Data Dictionary.
I'd appreciate any views on this approach and the draft models I've prepared please.  Data modelling can be a very subjective and contentious discipline and I have no intention of really deep diving into the finite detail of all this.  What I've produced shows the major business entities and business data used in v6 and I believe is sufficient to meet the request at this stage.  If subsequently we find that it does not fulfil the need then we can do further work on it at a later stage.


3_3_ Data Requirements - revised.docx

EML v6.0 Data Models.zip

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