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Subject: RE: [election-services] EML v6 CHANGES - TC MEETING

The 28th is better for me but I can do either day.

From: John Borras [mailto:John@pensive.eu]
Sent: 2010-01-15 8:28 AM
To: election-services@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [election-services] EML v6 CHANGES - TC MEETING

Now that the Public Review period for V6 has ended I've pulled together all the proposed changes and the contributions received so far from TC colleagues into the attached documents. 
RC Comments doc - this now reflects my summary of those changes that potentially we should take on board, those that should be deferred to the next release, and those that can be ignored.  We clearly need to discuss and agree the first section, and also assure ourselves that the other sections are correct.  When we have agreed the first section those changes need to be added to the Disposition doc for eventual public release.
Disposition doc - I've attempted to set out the resolution of each proposed change but we need to discuss and agree all of these from two angles; firstly in principle should the change be made, and secondly do we have the resources to deal with is now.  Only when we have satisfied ourselves on both angles should we go ahead and agree to make the changes.
There's clearly a lot to review and discuss here and we may not get through it all on one TC call but let's make a start.  Can we schedule in a call the week after next please, I would suggest either Wed 27th or Thurs 28th at our usual time of around 16.00 CET/15.00 UK/10.00 EST/07.00 PST.   Can you let me know your availability on either of those days.  If you can't make either then perhaps you could find time to let us have written comments beforehand.
And a final point, could someone provide a conference call facility please to avoid using Skype?


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