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Peter - Is it OK for us to use your call number below for our TC call on Thursday please?


All – there will only be 1 agenda item for this call and that is a debate about the needs of Audit and the impact on EML v6.0 .






USA number:



Access number 9701242#


International access numbers:

Country     Toll free number

ARGENTINA (ARG) 08006660535

AUSTRALIA (AUS) 1800422903

AUSTRIA (AUT) 0800292133

BAHAMAS (BHS) 18003890358

BELGIUM (BEL) 080011001

BRAZIL (BRA) 08008916666

CANADA (CAN) 8007475150

CHILE (CHL) 800201834

CHINA NORTH (CHINA NETCOM) 108007140554 CHINA SOUTH (CHINA TELECOM) 108001400554 COLOMBIA (COL) 018009198705 COSTA RICA (CRI) 08000150520 CROATIA (HRV) 0800222925 CYPRUS (CYP) 80096145 CZECH REPUBLIC (CZE) 800142545 DENMARK (DNK) 80885167 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (DOM) 18887514525 ECUADOR (ECU) 1800010182 FINLAND (FIN) 0800111500 FRANCE (FRA) 0800902121 GERMANY (DEU) 08001815802 GREECE (GRC) 0080016122038705 HONG KONG (HKG) 800968124 HUNGARY (HUN) 0680015295 ICELAND (ISL) 8008077 INDIA (IND) 0008001006002 INDONESIA (IDN) 0018030113967 IRELAND (IRL) 1800301280 ISRAEL (ISR) 1809458705 ITALY (ITA) 800784864 JAPAN (JPN) 00531160307 KOREA, REPUBLIC OF (KOR) 00308140429 LATVIA (LVA) 8000743 LUXEMBOURG (LUX) 80023953 MALAYSIA (MYS) 1800807041 MEXICO (MEX) 0018005148713 MONACO (MCO) 80093338 NETHERLANDS (NLD) 08000221859 NEW ZEALAND (NZL) 0800448295 NORWAY (NOR) 80011139 PANAMA (PAN) 008002269713 PHILIPPINES (PHL) 180011100762 POLAND (POL) 008001114564 PORTUGAL (PRT) 800819684 RUSSIAN FEDERATION (RUS) 81080022611012 SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS (KNA) 18002038705 SINGAPORE (SGP) 8001011435 SLOVAKIA (SVK) 0800004235 SOUTH AFRICA (ZAF) 0800990930 SPAIN (ESP) 900977042 SWEDEN (SWE) 0200285607 SWITZERLAND (CHE) 0800563946 TAIWAN, THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA (TWN) 00801126571 THAILAND (THA) 0018001562038705 TURKEY (TUR) 00800142038705 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (ARE) 8000170508 UNITED KINGDOM (GBR) 08004960577 UNITED STATES (USA) 8007475150 URUGUAY (URY) 00040190112 VENEZUELA (VEN) 08001004176





From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 22 September 2010 11:26
To: 'nealmcb@gmail.com'
Cc: 'EML TC'




As preparation for our meeting next week I’ve reviewed the comments you made in the v6 Public Review round and in the attached I’ve high-lighted those comments that we need to consider now.  Is this the total of everything we need to look into for this next release or are there other aspects that we should consider?  Your comment 4 is something we can deal with in parallel to building v6.1 although it would not be part of the formal specification. 


We’re clearly looking to you as the expert in this field so hope you can give us the time necessary to get this update right.




From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 17 September 2010 17:21
To: 'EML TC'


The consensus date/time for our next call to discuss the points below is Thursday 30 September at 15.00UK/16.00CET/10.00EDT.  Sorry if this doesn’t suit everybody but there doesn’t seem to be a time that everybody can make.  Can you please put this in your dairies and I’ll send out the agenda etc in due course.


BTW I’ve had no objections to my proposals set out below so I’m proceeding on the basis of that’s what we are going to do.




From: John Borras [mailto:johnaborras@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 10 September 2010 15:36
To: 'EML TC'


I’ve been reflecting on the question we discussed yesterday about the content and timescale of the next release of EML and I must say I am persuaded by David’s proposal to do a “quick” v6.1 update covering just the audit area and leave everything else until a later release.   Can I have any objections to this way forward by return please before we get too far down that track.


Assuming everyone is happy with this approach I’m attaching the following to start the discussions:

-          An extract from our V6 Spec document of those bits relating to how we have covered auditing to date;

-          The submissions made by Neal in the last Public Review that we held over to this stage;

-          An extract from the Council of Europe Recommendation on e-voting standards covering Audit.


Please throw into the pot anything else you know relating to election audit standards.


At this stage let’s just focus on the audit requirements and data needs rather than getting deeply into schema changes, that can come a bit later after we’ve agreed a shopping list of changes.


Can you provide you preferences in this link for the next call to review this aspect






EML v6 Public Review 02 Comments - Disposition.doc

EML v6 -The Auditing System.docx

COE Rec Audit Extract.docx

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