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Subject: EML v6 gotcha

In doing some testing and debugging on new CAM release it uncovered this little wart.

We have OfficialStatus defined as one of two lists of permitted values.
I'd suggest we pick one here / and / or create two elements - since we have two different things being treated as one.
I'm not saying this is an immediate action item - its relatively benign - but something we just need to note as an action item as and when we get to doing the next point release of EML 6.
Thanks, DW
<xs:simpleType name="OfficialStatusType"><xs:union memberTypes="VoteStatusType ContentStatusType"/></xs:simpleType>
<xs:simpleType name="VoteStatusType"><xs:restriction base="xs:token">
<xs:enumeration value="official"/><xs:enumeration value="provisional"/><xs:enumeration value="interim"/></xs:restriction>
<xs:simpleType name="ContentStatusType"><xs:restriction base="xs:token">
<xs:enumeration value="proposed"/><xs:enumeration value="pending"/><xs:enumeration value="approved"/>

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