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Subject: Draft EML 505 for V7 attached


We have been working here in USA with IEEE and NIST on an election reporting format for UOCAVA ballot preparation.

The fruits of this are attached.  It mirrors much of what Google and VIP have a! lready done - but retooled to be EML based and more robust.  It also includes draft CIQ v4 proposed schema (that will be worked separately with CIQ TC).

This is the latest ZIP that contains the Schema, templates and HTML reports.

NIST and EAC are sponsoring a joint workshop with IEEE this coming week in Washington DC to work on reviewing this and audit reporting.

Look forward to working this week with everyone.

Next, on Monday, I will mock up sample electio! n data from the Virginia VIP data over into this EML 505 forma! t and send around that xslt.

After all this is complete I plan to retrofit these same changes into the V6 schema to produce a new V7 EML set.

Enjoy, DW


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